Shoeless Joe’s

Interactive Menus and Brand Messages Engage Restaurant Customers

The Problem

The restaurant wanted to provide interactive menus and captivating brand advertising in a bid to entice and engage with its customers.

Our Solution

Working in collaboration with Canadian based partners Radiant Group and using their exclusive technology CaptivTouch™, digital screens have been installed outside the bar and uses motions, sounds, videos and animations to entice beckoning customers into the restaurant.

Features and Benefits include:

Uses videos and animation to successfully attract customers.

  • Achieve enhanced interaction with customers.
  • More effective than traditional print posters.
  • Excellent platform for brands to advertise products.


Acquire is used to manage the onscreen digital content. Adverts can be changed with ease from one single control center, either from a head office location or from the restaurant itself. By integrating the latest technology, Shoeless Joe’s can captivate and entice potential customers.

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