Galleria Fort Lauderdale

Retail Digital Directory & Wayfinding Solution Helping Shoppers Navigate Galleria Fort Lauderdale

The Problem

JLL Retail wanted to provide a world-class visitor experience to improve the visitor, retailers, and mall experience.

To achieve this JLL wanted to use the latest in Digital Directory and Wayfinding technology to enhance the visitor experience through new interactive and engaging digital content including advertising.

Our Solution

Together with our partner's Gable, we used our highly configurable UI/UX system to customize the Wayfinder to match the Galleria, Fort Lauderdale brand requirements. Fully integrated with existing data and CMS, resulting in a fully interactive, live 3D map with pinch and zoom facilities. Allowing shoppers to send directions directly to their mobile device via a QR code, NFC tag, or text message. Helping visitors navigate public space like never before.

Providing a solution that offers so much more than just Wayfinding, allowing for dynamic interactive content, advertisement, and information on offers and events.

The Process

Features include a fully interactive, live 3D map, with multi-touch pinch & zoom, and several different destination choice methods. The Map allows users to touch any store to obtain useful information, with turn-by-turn directions of the best route/s to a selected destination.

Shoppers have the option to send their chosen route to their mobile device by scanning a QR code, activating a built-in NRF tag, or sending via SMS, to take their maps on the go.


The successful rollout of Wayfinder has now resulted in shoppers locating brands, discovering deals, and sending routes direct to mobile devices fast and effectively. Resulting in new opportunities for gamification, advertisement, brand interaction, and ROI and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

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