LaGuardia Airport

Helping passengers navigate LaGuardia Airports new terminal

The Problem

As part of LaGuardia Airports' $8 Billion redevelopments and the desire for an airport experience fit for 21st-century travelers, LaGuardia had a requirement to ensure that passenger navigation and the overall visitor experience played a crucial part in realizing the overall vision for the future of the airport. Requirements for a ‘Digital Kiosk’ Wayfinding solution that provided travelers with the ability to navigate the new and developing airport environment with ease.

Our Solution

An airport Wayfinder SmartHub solution incorporating the latest in digital wayfinding and interactive capabilities, designed to provide travelers with an efficient and engaging user experience. A fully interactive, live 3D map with pinch and zoom facilities allowing individuals to send directions directly to their mobile device via a QR code, NFC tag, or text message.

The Process

Acquire Digital worked closely with LaGuardia to understand the volume and how travelers and staff navigated and moved throughout the airport. Accounting for multiple security checkpoints, connection to FIDS data, the sensitivities of airside/landslide infrastructure, the difference between regular users and first-time users, and accessibility issues. Enabling the team to have a deeper understanding of the requirements. This resulted in the team realizing the potential for a custom ‘SmartHub’ solution that would reduce some of the frustrations experienced by travelers, including queues, finding directions, navigating busy areas, and locating boarding gates.

The team also created a simple to use CMS to enable easy management and live updating and passenger messaging and safety information.


This original Wayfinding project, evolved into a custom ‘Wayfinder SmartHub’ solution that goes beyond maps, transforming the way travellers navigate the airport environment. Assisting with customer services, creating a digital platform for brand engagement and the generation of advertising revenue, whilst at the same time providing real time, passenger information and alerts and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

  • Reducing queues and waiting times
  • Increased efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Audience data and analytics
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