Digital Signage Displays Show Promotions and Messaging throughout Retail Stores

The Problem

Carrefour in Greece wanted to have a way of displaying promotions and messages using simple digital signage throughout their stores.

Our Solution

We facilitated the requirement for large screen displays in Carrefour supermarkets to display special offers and promotions. An additional requirement was the ability to affect remote control of the LCD screens in order to adjust the speaker volume during specific times i.e. louder volume during busy periods. i-contact also requested a custom app for the System Watchdog to remotely monitor the status of the backlights inside each of the LCD displays. Acquire is also used to control play-out ‘zones‘ in Carrefour across Greece to ensure the appropriate content is showing in the correct departments.


  • Delivers messages to over 2 million customers per month.
  • Display special offers and promotions in-store.
  • Volume control to adjust volume during busy periods.
  • Updates to all screens can be made from one single location.
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