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About Acquire Digital

Recognized as industry leaders in self-service, digital signage and wayfinding software. Acquire Digital designs, software solutions that exceed client expectations. Known formerly as Working Solutions (Creative I.T.) Ltd, our 25 years of experience has helped us install thousands of digital deployments for hundreds of happy customers, used by people globally.

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Our History

Founded in 1997 by CEO Neil Farr, as Working Solutions (Creative I.T.) Ltd, we have exceeded what is possible through exceptional creativity and technology. Having evolved into Acquire Digital, we have been recognised for several industry firsts and our passion for reaching beyond the boundaries of digital signage has played a key role in shaping Acquire into the globally recognized company it is today.

Our Ethos

At Acquire, we are passionate about creating products that our customers love. Ever since our inception as Working Solutions (Creative I.T.) Ltd, we have been an ideas machine, with the user at our core. World-class UX and UI create an interactive and addictive experience. Standing at the edge of technological evolution, we push forward with fresh concepts and bold ideas. We embrace a mindset that anything is possible: our family of expert innovators stretch their creativity, liberate their imagination and replace ‘no’ with ‘how?’ A supportive, progressive, and inspiring culture breeds brilliance.

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wayfinding digital signage

Our Team

Our experienced in-house team of software engineers, developers, designers, innovators, and technical support is committed to building great products, setting trends, and defining standards. Placing our customers at the very core of what we do ensures we listen, react and deliver to enable the best customer experience possible.