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About Acquire Digital

Acquire Digital is an industry-leading provider of digital signage, self-service interactive, and wayfinding software solutions that are designed to exceed client expectations. With 25 years of experience, we have installed thousands of digital deployments for hundreds of satisfied customers globally.

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Our History

Acquire Digital was founded in 1997 by CEO Neil Farr under the name Working Solutions (Creative I.T.) Ltd. Since then, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity and technology, resulting in several industry firsts. As we evolved into Acquire Digital, our passion for innovation and exceeding digital expectations has propelled us into a globally recognized company.

Our Ethos

At Acquire, we are dedicated to creating products that our customers love. We are an ideas machine, with the user at the center of everything we do. Our world-class UX and UI designs create an interactive and engaging experience that sets us apart from the competition. We push forward with fresh concepts and bold ideas, embracing a mindset that anything is possible. Our supportive, progressive, and inspiring culture fosters brilliance, as our family of expert innovators stretch their creativity and imagination to replace "no" with "how?"

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wayfinding digital signage

Our Team

Acquire Digital has a team of experienced in-house software engineers, developers, designers, innovators, and technical support staff. Our team is committed to building great products, setting trends, and defining standards, with a focus on placing our customers at the very core of what we do. We listen, react, and deliver to ensure the best possible customer experience.